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Great Summer Wine Dozen mix

Great Summer Wine Dozen mix

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Great Summer Wine Dozen

12 wines, only $230, free freight

Enjoy this great selection of our summer wines this festive season.

Whether in the backyard, on the beach or at a BBQ, you can kick back, put your feet up and enjoy these refreshing summer wines.

2014 Winery Block Sauvignon Blanc
2015 Old Block Pinot Grigio
2013 Old Block Chardonnay
2015 Reserve Riesling
2014 Bong Bong Quattro Bianco
2012 Winery Block Chardonnay

2015 Bong Bong Rosé
2014 Winery Block Tempranillo
2013 Orange Cabernet Sauvignon
2014 Bong Bong Pinot Noir
2013 Reserve Tempranillo
2013 Reserve Sangiovese