Borealis in the Vines

Borealis in the Vines is bringing the Northern Lights to Bowral this winter. Enjoyed by more than 1 million people worldwide, this mesmerizing installation transports you to a place far away – where time slows down as eyes look up. Through colour, movement, density of light beams and changing weather, unique auroras are projected over the vines at Centennial Vineyard. The perfect blend of technology and art, set to a tranquil soundtrack created by French composer Guillaume Desbois, you become truly immersed in the wonder and magic of Borealis.

The Bowral Winterfest will be offering a range of winter-warming food & beverage options to dine and delight on, as the magic of Borealis surrounds. Created by Switzerland-based artivist Dan Acher to create spaces where strangers come together and connect beyond their differences – creating a sense of belonging and community. Landscapes are his playgrounds, reaching thousands of people.

See the Northern Lights, only at Centennial Vineyards this winter.

Tickets on sale now