Raspberry Nectar


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Pungent raspberry aromas with a firm, concentrated, luscious palate.

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The fruit for this liqueur was grown by Dave Penn of Cuttaway Creek Raspberry Farm, Mittagong. Fresh raspberries, with a few blackberries for good measure, were fermented and fortified to create this rich, concentrated liqueur. The palate is balanced with sugar to counter that characteristic tart raspberry acidity, yet only a little, so as to still convey that feeling of chewing on a handful of fresh raspberries.

Fantastic, pungent raspberry aromas with a firm, concentrated, luscious mouthfeel make it ideal to have in a very small glass at the end of a meal, or with dessert.

Everyone has different tastes and some prefer to use it as a cooking condiment for its amazing versatility. It is basically a raspberry acidulant with good infusion power from its reasonably high alcohol, so can be used in the place of red wine vinegar, verjuice, and lemon in some instances.

This Nectar is fantastic for deglazing in roasts, with pork, chicken, and even salmon, believe it or not. It is great in marinades, and is particularly good with kangaroo. It is very useful in creating distinctive vinaigrettes too. Due to its concentration, you don’t need to use much to add flavour, usually a tablespoon or two will do. It’s just a matter of playing around to find your personal preference.

As expected, it is most easily used with desserts, whether just drizzled over fresh raspberries or water melon, or poured over vanilla ice cream. I like a little in an espresso shot to really add a boost to my after meal coffee, and sometimes a few drops can invigorate an otherwise boring sparkling wine. For those that like more of a punch, mix into vodka.

There are many and varied applications for this unique liqueur, it is just a matter of getting creative in the kitchen.

To ensure shelf life, refrigerate after opening.

Here’s one of my favourites, with pancakes:

· Combine raspberry nectar with marscapone and honey to serve with fresh raspberries on piping hot pancakes. Mmmmmmmmmm!

Tony Cosgriff

“At 17% alcohol, it’s an adult cordial or syrup made from fruit Centennial buys from neighbouring Cuttaway Creek Raspberry Farm. Winemaker Tony Cosgriff ferments the berries with sugar then adds a white grape spirit. Clearly it’s a very clean spirit as it doesn’t intrude on the heady, pure raspberry aroma and flavour. The alcohol kicks in on the palate, giving a lightly astringent bite to offset the delicious, sweet berry flavour – a truly nectary sensation. Serve it Kir Royale fashion – a teaspoon in a glass of dry bubbly – pour onto desserts or salads.” Chris Shanahan, Canberra Times 7/11/12

Silver Medal 2013 Australian Fruit Wine Awards


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