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The colour is medium to deep red with a tinge of purple, the appearance viscous in the glass. The wine has a fragrant aroma which suggests various red and purple flowers, including violets and old-fashioned roses, plus notes of licorice and almond meal or marzipan.Very good flavour and balance. It would go well with many cheeses. It’s a recioto style, modelled on Veronese recioto, from the Valpolicella region, and a very good effort.


Our 2017 Limited Release Dolce Classico is crafted from two unique Italian red varietals grown at our Bridge Creek vineyard in Orange, NSW at an altitude of 850m.

These varietals are Corvina and Rondinella and are traditionally grown in the Veneto region in North Eastern Italy, where they are predominantly used to produce the classic Amarone, Valpollicella, Valpolicella Ripasso and Recioto wine styles.

We are one of only two growers in Australia of these classic and very unique varietals, and the only producer of this Recioto style.

The classic Recioto wine style is the inspiration for this unique and delicious red dessert wine whereby the use of partially dried Corvina and Rondinella grapes (using a prune dehydrator) has concentrated the must, resulting in a delicious, sweet (Dolce) red wine.


The Amarone style is made using dried fruit and produces big, high alcohol red wines (15-17%) with substantial structure that age very well. They often contain a touch of unfermented sugar (<10g/L) due to the difficult task in fermenting the wine dry.


The Valpollicella style is made using fresh fruit (not dried), and these wines are your typical, often light dry red wine styles with moderate alcohol (12.5-14%) and much less concentration of flavor than the Amarone.

The Valpollicella Ripasso style is a combination of the Amarone and Valpolicella style with the goal of richening the light Valpollicella style. The basic, light dry red (Valpollicella) is refermented over the sugar-rich skins left behind after the Amarone is pressed gaining concentration, flavour and alcohol.

Ripasso means “repassed” over the skins of a grape with lots of goodies remaining. The Italians don’t waste anything…

Our ’16 BC Reserve Rondinella Corvina style fits best in this category even though there was no ripasso involved – This wine was made using both dried and fresh fruits altogether.The Recioto style is made using dried fruit that is usually sweeter than the grapes used for Amarone, hence the final wine with alcohol around 12.5-13.5% and residual sugar 60-140g/L.

Interestingly, the Recioto wine style was historically most common until one vintage the wine fermented to dryness (all sugar gone) creating the AMARONE style. With advances in winemaking techniques and yeast knowledge, more wines were subsequently made in the Amarone style. In Italy today, Amarone production is much more prevalent than Recioto.

The aroma is very FRESH and VIBRANT with spicy herbs, cherry, currant, plus other indescribable exotic fruits… The palate is soft and round with a good full mouthfeel, and isn’t overly sweet given the 98 grams/litre residual sugar.

A closing lick of tannin works well against the sugar.

Great with dessert, in particular chocolate-based desserts, and actually a good substitute for dessert!

90 Points James Halliday Wine Companion 2020.


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