As part of the Southern Highlands Wine Time Festival, visitors to Centennial Vineyards had the opportunity to participate in guided walks through the vineyard. This was the first time such an event had been offered at Centennial and the walks were organized for three Saturdays in March.

Visitors met at the Cellar Door and walked across the restaurant courtyard into the Winery Block vineyard. Here they were shown mature Tempranillo vines, newly planted exotic clones of Pinot Noir, old Tempranillo vines grafted over to modern clones of Pinot Gris, and a number of different clones of mature Sauvignon Blanc. The tour leader described how and why grafting was done and what a specialised skill grafting is.

Walking between the rows, visitors learnt about netting prior to harvest, leaf plucking and canopy management.

There was also the opportunity to taste fruit straight off our Chardonnay vines, the source of our multi-award winning Woodside Winery Block Chardonnay. A strategically placed Esky revealed wine sourced from this vineyard and everyone got to taste the fruit on the vine, then the wine made from that fruit in a prior vintage.

Oscar and Emmy, our resident vineyard dogs joined the walk on at least one of the Saturdays and were under strict instructions not to eat the grapes!

The walks finished back at Cellar Door, where visitors had the opportunity to taste a selection of Centennial’s wines.


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